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Mock Exam Marking

I currently mark mock exams for schools nationwide and on an individual level. I can also provide markers for English and Science.

As a parent of a child at home, it can be useful to know if your child is close to a GCSE pass. As an experienced examiner, I can offer marking of individual papers. This will include feedback on topics that need to be covered or revised, as well as some general feedback on how the student has answered the questions. 

Mock marking season can be onerous for many schools, especially if you have teachers that are absent or non-specialist subject teachers. I can offer marking of bulk papers with a two-week turnaround of papers. This can include a RAG sheet for each student, as well as an overall examiner's report. This can be especially useful for planning future lessons with Year 10s and 11s. 

Prices for mock exam marking start from £4 per paper. 

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