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Support For Schools

I can provide tutors in maths, English, science, and other subjects. 

I work closely with schools nationwide to provide support in a variety of ways.


For example, I can provide the following:

  • Tutors for students that are school refusers, enabling them to do some work whilst the pastoral work continues to help them be able to attend. 

  • Group online revision classes for Year 10s and 11s. This frees the teacher's time and means that revision classes can take place later in the evening so students can still attend extra-curricular activities. 

  • Tutors for students currently not attending school for health reasons. This can help the student not get too behind and have an ongoing education. 

  • Tutors for students needing some extra help.

​Tuition can be offered during school hours or after.  Often the cost can be covered through EHCP funding.

Other Subjects

I work closely with a network of online tutors. This is especially useful if you want to book several subjects for your child. 

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